Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby is Actually Sleeping in His Crib!

Well hello Fancy Pancakes! How are you? Long time no see. Now that my baby is MIRACULOUSLY asleep IN HIS CRIB for going on TWO HOURS now, I have a few minutes to blog. I hung out with husband, researched video monitors, and now that I have had more than like, an hour away from my baby, my brain has had time to formulate some sentences that are not totally about him.

I was just chuckling to myself because I just did that thing you read about new parents doing: the kid is finally sleeping like he is SUPPOSED to, and you are so shocked that you have to go make sure he's breathing.
"I cannot believe he's sleeping!" I said happily to my husband. "Wait- maybe he's dead!"
"Go check on him."
"I can't! The floor is so creaky. I don't want to wake him up... if he's still alive. And I can't even see him because we got those room-darkening shades. And I don't have a flashlight!" I whined.
"Use the iPhone!" he said.
So I did, but all that showed me was that the baby's face was not covered with the blankie I had laid over him. So, then I felt his arm. Felt pretty warm, but not really, so I put my hand under his nose to see if I could feel him breathing. I couldn't. So, I put my hand on his chest, and it was definitely moving... a little. Babies are tummy breathers, so I moved my hand a little lower to his belly- sure enough, it was rising and falling. YAY!

Since there are VERY creaky floorboards in his room, I'm going to go out and get a video monitor tomorrow so I don't always suspect a sleeping baby is a... smothered, SIDS baby. I'm sorry, that's morbid, but that's what I'm (slightly) worried about now that he is more amenable to sleeping away from me!

There, wow, a sort of coherent thought. Click here to read full entry.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Baby Sure Does Look Like Me

New friend to me yesterday: "He looks just like you!"
Me: "Thaaaanks!"

After I said that, I was like, Huh? What do I even mean?

People aren't necessarily meaning it as a compliment, for goodness' sake. So why am I saying thank you?

But I do mean thank you... because I am delighted he looks like me. I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting him to look like my husband, and was looking forward to that. You know, he's a boy, he'll certainly look at least somewhat like his Dad. I was looking forward to seeing little parts of Corey in him. Well, as soon as he was out of the womb, I could tell that baby didn't look a thing like my husband. Not his nose, not his hair... I felt like I was looking at myself. Or, at least not at my husband. I could tell right away that he had the mouth from my mother's side, and the cleft chin that both my parents and sisters have.

Once I got used to the idea, I was totally into having a male mini-me. From the first week he was here I'd say, "He looks like me, right?" People, including my best friends and mom, would say, "I'm not sure he does." Of course, I thought them all idiots, or in denial, or maybe resisting because I so obviously wanted it to be true that he looked like me, and were trying to collectively spite me.

Well, a couple months in, when I started going out and about and meeting new people, I started hearing ove and over, "Oh my gosh he looks just like you!" Like, repeatedly.

I hate to say I told you so. Just hate it. So, I'll write it: I TOTALLY TOLD YOU SO! Click here to read full entry.