Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Just Cursed at My Unborn Baby!

"Ow, you #@$&ing baby!" I just said, and was wracked with guilt for cursing at him. I feel so bad, but he is grinding into the lower left quadrant of my abdomen, and it hurts. It feels like he's trying to squeeze a leg through my ab muscles. He's getting bigger and stronger, so that's not so pleasant.

My tummy is not getting too much larger, but I think that's because he's lying sideways. And, my torso is a good inch or two longer than most people's, so baby's got a lot of room to spread out. I compared my torso to a friend's yesterday; I had a good 3-4 inches on her. When she was pregnant, her baby kept stepping on her spine- pressing with both feet, and pushing- and she was in a lot of pain. One of her friends passed out when her in utero baby kicked her in the heart. Did you hear me? The kid kicked her in the heart. And she passed out. So, I guess my ab discomfort ain't so bad.
Sorry, baby.

Oh- baby put on a good show for my last class of the day. I could feel him moving, so I sat down, made the kids look at my stomach, smoothed my shirt out, and leaned back, because he often moves when I'm lying/leaning back. The kids could see him move from across the room. Some were grossed out, and some were interested.

Either way, it's fun to play with the baby.

He's moving right now, and frankly, it's rather grotesque.
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