Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fancy Pancakes: Let the Journey Begin

When it came to naming this site, I struggled; in fact, it's been two hours since I first decided I wanted to create this blog today. I mulled over a few names, asking myself: What is my essence? I then started checking to see if they were taken. You need a simple yet catchy and memorable name that also reflects your personality.

Disappointingly, even the slightly obscure names were taken- blueblankie, sift, mindlock, mindsift. Fancy Pancakes was available, but I wasn't sure I wanted to tell people to "go to my blog, fancypancakes." I didn't want to have to explain the name every damn time, nor was I sure it captured my personality.

I started considering more options, growing increasingly surprised at how many names were taken: Read me, Read it, KO, Me.

What REALLY made me angry was that all of these sites.... NO ONE WAS USING THEM! They were dead sites; someone got the name in 2001, posted something like, "Haha this is a blog," and never returned. Blogger has a policy of letting people keep names even if they appear unused because "sometimes a person goes back to a blog after a long absence, and we want our users to be able to find their original name." Well, damn you, get a clue.

Here is a list of names that are taken but unused: football, hyper, stalker, stink, poop, thegeorge, undecided, gogogo, googoogaga, Connecticut, mindtrap, mindsink (two entries), whatsshakin (one entry), feature (3 entries in 2001).

For some reason this really irritates me. I mean, it's OK. I can live with Fancy Pancakes, because it reminds me of the pancakes I make for my nephews.

Here are a few names I also considered, ONLY because they are available and relate to me SLIGHTLY: Stamfordloser, datawife, robotwife. I don't really want to explain these names, but if you like any of them better than fancy pancakes, let me know.

Note: This post was previously published in Aug 2007.

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mistersquid said...

Now it's my turn to encourage you: I like fancy pancakes because it's evocative, whimsical, and allusive (to fancypants).

The naming thing is hard and you pick a name and then there it is, forever teasing you with its not-quite-right-not-quite-wrong fit.

Keep it even as you consider other names.

On the other hand, datawife is hot. It has a very different feel than Fancy Pancakes so I don't recommend the change, but if I were female, I'd snap that name up in a heartbeat.

For one,, and are available.

The other thing I will say about these names is you want something unique. Read me, read, KO, sift. Those names would be terrible because as you participated in fora elsewhere on the net, you'd have a hard time claiming your identity. Not so with Fancy Pancakes.

I can always be fairly sure that when I come across something written by mistersquid it was written by me.

But you do seem destined to be known for Stamford Talk more than flamboyant breakfast foods.