Wednesday, September 24, 2008

17 Weeks: Kicks? Gas? Liver Spasms? Boy? Girl?

I'm 17 weeks today. Par-tay! Four months, one week.

I really think I felt a couple of kicks on Monday. I watched Gossip Girl, and then a murder show about the town my sister lives in in Mississippi. (Creeeeeeeeeeeepy!) Anyway, I felt a bump harder than the little jump you feel when you have gas. Ordinarily I might just think it's one of those weird things your body does, like when your knee really hurts for a few minutes, out of nowhere, then just goes away. But, earlier in the day, I was watching TV on the couch (I didn't feel good, OK?) and was trying to nap, when all of a sudden I felt a quick sharp spasm under my rib cage. It was like a firm, sharp, kick. If I weren't pregnant, and had never felt that sensation before in my life, I wouldn't have thought too much of it. The baby isn't that high up yet, but I was sort of curled up at the time, so...

yeah, I have no clue.

I think this baby's a boy.
Here's why:
I'm not having sweet cravings, at least any worse than usual.
I've had no nausea at all.
When the doc heard the heartbeat last week, it was in the range that wives' tales say is a boy...

yeah, I have no clue.

We have to wait 3 more weeks to find out. I totally don't care what the gender is. I love girls- am one myself- and love boys, too.   

Oh, sigh, I have to go to work.


Anonymous said...

My son had these sharp little heels that used to get wedged in between my ribs when I was preggers.

Now the dude is taller than me and his feet are like frickin aircraft carriers.


Anonymous said...

Pregnancy is one of life's sweetest mysteries. All of the bumps, aches and pains and strange goings on make for an interesting and at times, trying nine month journey (actually more like ten).

I'm so happy that you are not experiencing nausea and can enjoy all that the journey has to offer!

As for boys versus girls... I'm a firm believer that a mama can intuit this kind of stuff. Although, I was wrong about my first two!

Good luck with your eighteen week ultrasound. Did you have one at eleven? If not, you are in for a great time! Enjoy.

Manager Mom said...

Hmmm.... The kicking is possible, though I think most say 20 weeks or so. Is it possible YOU are further along than you thought?

Everyone told me The Girl was going to be a boy, except for a homeless guy in San Francisco. He came right up to me and put his hands on my belly, stinking of tunafish, and said, "This will be a fine daughter you'll have!" and then wandered off.

Miss ya. We didn't get to hang at the meet up as much as I would have liked!