Monday, August 9, 2010

Candy Life

My sister showed me that by early August, stores already carry those candy pumpkins!
I'm somewhat horrified and offended that sugar is rushing the end of summer, but I do appreciate the cuteness of candy that relates to the seasons. It feels, y'know, very cyclical and holidayish and traditionish. I suppose we could mark the passing of seasons with something a little healthier like apple or pumpkin pie, but I guess this is the easier option.
Now, when do my pumpkin spice lattes come out?

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Ali Smith said...

I gotta agree that it is a little early for Halloween candy, but those little pumpkins are too darn cute! And after having read this, I now feel justified in getting excited about fall!

Also just wanted to thank you for weighing in on my post at API Speaks. I am leaning the same way you are, 3 years is a pretty good spacing. You are so right too about all the great routines and things we've got going on now. I just need to enjoy the present and not be so NEED TO PLAN NOW!

Thanks again!

Me said...

Just telling myself that I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season on September 11, 2010!