Sunday, January 2, 2011

High Five! Fist Bump! Blow Me a Kiss!

"The glorious return of the high five" is a great little essay I found on the San Francisco Chronicle's parenting blog, The Poop.

Like the author, high fiving recently became a part of my life because other people started teaching my kid to do it. It seemed pretty cliche to me, but I figured, whatever. It was a standard daycare lesson, along with kiss-blowing, which seemed even dumber until my kid started doing it, and then IT WAS TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! My coworker's husband also taught my kid to fist bump, which always impresses strangers who want to high five and are instead met with a fist offered by my toddler.

(Recently, he learned "Cheers!")

Plus, the Poop post has a picture of Obama. If you read this blog regularly, you know how I feel about Obama.

One more thing about cute baby tricks: they win the goodwill of strangers on trains and airplanes, and you want that. You really do.

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MJP said...

Hi K! I'm loving the new blog :) I'm also your newest follower. Gotta keep up with you and Q, you know!