Thursday, April 5, 2012

Montessori Tidbits

A Montessori lady spoke after our Stroller Strides class. A couple of things that she said that I liked:

Group toys by theme. Put the farm puzzle by the toy farm. The kid will internalize the logic.

Before age 6, a kid can't misbehave, because they don't have that logic. They can test you, but they are looking for limits. All we can do is control our reaction to their behavior. That's the adult's job. To be the steady leader and authority figure.

If a kid is slamming the door, and we don't like it, don't say, "Don't slam the door!" You have to teach the kid how to do what you want. When you have calmed down, show them in a kind, fun way, "Watch how mommy closes the door without making a sound!" and do it in an exaggerated way, because kids like that and it really gets their attention.

Before you show them a picture of something in a book, show them the real thing. For example, a certain animal.

Respect the kid. Know that they are younger, but don't treat them badly because of it.

Use the language you want them to use. They learn from everything we do, the way we talk to people, the words we use.

Let them help in any way they can. Perform real tasks, like washing carrots. Have a shelf they can reach so they can get their own cup and plate. Keep kitchen toys in the kitchen so they can play with those while they're in the kitchen.

Have a logical flow to your home. Don't have out too many toys. Rotate them. See which toys the kid likes, keep those out, bring out the other ones on a rainy day. They should know where all the toys go. At age 3, start teaching them how to clean up and put their own toys back.

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Whitemist said...

i have a freind who grew up with a Montessori education (until high school) and got to watch the process...i think it is an incredible way to unlock the creative side of a person and how to incorporate people different than your self. It is incredible to see...