Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cute Nephew Quotes from the Past

I found two old snippets of writing involving my nephews when they younger.

The first is from when my nephews must have been 5 and 3 (four years ago!).  We were in Mississippi and I was sitting at the kitchen table blogging.

Justin, 3, walks out into kitchen and opens cereal cabinet.
Jack: What are you doing Justin?
Justin: Nufin.
Jack: You are doing something.
Justin: No. I’m not doing anything.
Then they both wander over here.

I love reading that. My own kid is Justin's age now, and he's using the words "sumthin" and "nuthin" and it's usually pretty cute.

This next one must have been when my nephews were 4 and 2, I'm guessing, because the younger one was a great talker, so he couldn't have been 3 yet.  I so treasure these little things I recorded in writing. It's easier to read a short dialogue than to locate- much less capture in the first place- a video of the same thing. I love remembering the boys' younger personalities now that they are almost 9 and 7!  

Humorously, both of my nephews have reacted angrily when I tried to provide water for handwashing involving the warm handle. "NO, Kris- NO! Only Cold!!!" Now that I think about it, my nephew wasn't being inflexible and dogmatic; his Mom has probably warned them not to use that handle.

"No! I do muhseff." The younger one shoves me out of the way when I try to help him reach the water. "I do muhseff," he mutters to himself again.

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The H Family said...

Thought that last quote was especially funny, mostly because I can picture it perfectly!