Friday, April 18, 2008

Harrison Ford, Nephews, Dreams

I just had the most insane dream. I was about to get in the car to go to work when Harrison Ford walked by. We chatted a bit, and I asked him if he was depressed, and he said, "All I can say is, bless any man who marries a younger woman." I was sitting on the ground, and he leaned down and kissed me three times on the lips, then walked away. I was a little taken aback, but I can roll with a lot of unexpected things. I considered calling after him, "Say hi to Calista!" but thought she might not know who I was, so I said, "I like those lips!" then got in my car.

Nephew 2: Jack, look. (Trying to put huge coin in his piggy bank.)
Nephew 1: I told you it was too big.
Nephew 2: See? It don't work.

Nephew 1, looking in pantry: No peanut butter crackers!?! Rrrrrrr! It can't be true.

I keep a journal, so if I have a dream I want to write in, I write my dream in it sideways. That way, the dream is in with the current entries, so when I go back and read, I can see what in my life inspired certain dreams. They often relate in interesting ways. I put them sideways so I can find them easily if I just want to go back and read my dreams.

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Manager Mom said...

weird dream, and cool picture...