Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Do People Need Friends Other Than Me?

I'm in Mississippi, and right now my sister is talking on the phone to her friend Jenn and I'm feeling really annoyed that she has other people she's friends with other than me. I think it's because I live far away, so the thought that anyone else gets to be with her when I can't bothers me.
It's the same thing when my friend in Portland OR sends me her pics on flickr, and I see pictures of her friends over at her house. I think, I hate those people. I say to myself, KOR, that's not rational, I'm sure they're very nice, and she needs to have friends in her town.


My friend in Ohio (yet another friend living far away!) agreed, in college, that we should all move to the same town. The friends I have from college are so great, and it stinks that they are far away. I don't think it's too late to implement that plan.

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