Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Big 3-4, 39 Weeks, Ode to Coworkers

Yay, I just got the urge the blog. I woke up at 4 am today, restless, feeling a little sick from being overtired... but it's my birthday! I'm not sure why birthdays are so fun; maybe it's because it's fun to have people make a big deal over you. I love that we as a species do that for each other. I'm also excited because last night my friend baked me a cake- it's on my kitchen counter, she's in the guest bedroom- and we're going to eat it at lunch at work today. I'm excited to celebrate with my awesome, awesome coworkers. Oh- and it's a FUNFETTI CAKE!!!!

I'm also excited about this upcoming baby of mine. I'm wondering when he's going to be born. I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm excited he did not choose MY birthday to be born. I mean, hey, if he decides today's the day, fine; it would, for sure, be a great birthday gift. But um, this is kinda MY birthday, and it has been for 34 years, so... let's just chill out for another day, baby!

It's kind of fun not being in labor, but anticipating it. Every time my stomach hurts a little, I get hopeful, and then, when nothing happens, I get a total rush of adrenaline at the idea that it will happen eventually. I'm still one week from my due date, but I'm eager to finish up this whole pregnancy and birth process- not because I'm tired of being pregnant, but because i know that birth is really exciting. People will tell you terrible things about birth, but I've seen a few, and they've been pretty darn amazing. I'm looking forward to experiencing it, even though I know it's hard work. And, I'd really just like to have this baby- like, have him where I can see him and finally see his face.

You know how people are always like, "Ooooh I hope my water doesn't break in public?" Well, I hope mine does, because that means you're gonna have your baby soon. I want this baby soon, and I want to go into labor on my own. I don't want to be induced. I'd be delighted if my water broke, like, in my new car, or in front of all my students, or... at the DMV. Whatever. Let's just get this baby out safe and sound and without too much to-do.

One of my coworkers said yesterday, "You know how to get that baby out of there- the same way you got it in." I had to think about that for several seconds before I could process it (I mean come on that's a long sentence for a distracted pregnant lady to handle), at which point she said, "Or you could drink a margarita and jump up and down." I liked that second idea best.

Do you see why I like my coworkers? They are almost all that open, friendly, and silly, but amazing at their jobs. Plus, they are good people. When I sent out an email asking for help with the school spelling bee, at least 10 of them responded. The bee went off without a hitch yesterday thanks to the 6 of them who ended up being available.

After the bee, I gave one of my coworkers/friends a ride home, and she offered to run errands with me. So, my baby's poster is now getting re-framed at an art store in town... with plexiglass, since another coworker/friend broke the glass when she came over 2 weeks ago to help me hang the poster. Do you see a theme here with my rocking coworkers? They are just nice, generous people... and because of that cycle of kindness, they'll get funfetti cake today.

One more thing about my coworkers: last Friday, about ten of us went to happy hour. I've known many of my coworkers for almost 11 years. It's such a good feeling to be so comfortable with such great people. At this point, they're like a second family, especially for me, whose family is NOT local. After happy hour, 5 of us went to our coworker's nearby condo, ordered Chinese food, and facebooked for hours. We made two of our coworkers join, and then we had fun showing them how to use it... oh, and texting in absurd messages to a TV music station and watching to see if our messages appeared. It was ridiculous. It was like being in college. Oh- and not a single one of us was drinking. We were just enjoying time together.

Here's a non-incriminating photo of some of my coworkers over at my house last year. You would not BELIEVE how loud a roomful of teachers can get. It's a little scary.

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Jonathan "JR" said...

Happy birthday!!! It's kinda cool that you and da baby will be within a week or two of each other (even though your birthday will quickly become an afterthought to his).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

My 1st baby's birthday is 11 days after mine and it's true what JR says, "your birthday will quickly become an afterthought to his." But the great part is that you won't mind! You'll be too busy planning his party.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday! If you aren't in labor this weekend, we should do lunch or something to celebrate!