Wednesday, March 11, 2009

41 Weeks- No Hurry! Seriously! I'm Patient! I'm Soooo Patient About This!

I feel like everything I'd say today would be a cliche.
Like, if I say, "It's such an odd time, waiting for a baby with nothing to do," that's, like, DUH!!!!!!!!
Or if I say, "I'm irritable from the backache I've had since Sunday," that's like, DUH, too!!!!

Instead I'll just say, I'm lucky to have coworkers who are also my friends. Not only is it easy to find them when I need them... they are all in one place! So if I can't find someone, I can ask another person if they've seen the person. It's so convenient. Or, I can give money to one of them, and they'll go pay for my Girl Scout cookies that I bought from another coworker... and poof, my Girl Scout cookies get brought to my house when my coworker/friend comes over to watch TV. Is that the life, or what?

Today I was about to freak out because I'm grumpy and restless. So, I called 3 coworkers. They all called back after they got out of the staff meeting. Turns out two of them were going to the gym- just what I needed to distract myself and soothe my back. I walked for 30 min on the treadmill beside my coworker/friend who ran 7 miles. I talked her ear off as she jogged, then we stretched and went our separate ways. I felt like a new person when I left the gym- in such a better mood, and think of how many Girl Scout cookies I DIDN'T eat when I was out of the house for that hour!

Then, on the way home from the gym, I made plans with the 3rd coworker to come over tomorrow night, to join me and the 2 gym rats to (re)watch Biggest Loser, our fave show. Girl power!

I also called 2 other coworkers today to catch up on gossip and tell them how I'm doing. I work with the best people. I don't mean to brag. I'm just trying to talk about something other than being pregnant.

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Whitemist said...

Glad you've got good co-workers! I hope you finish up soon tho, it is time.