Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pregnant, or on Terrorist Watch List?

I never knew how as your due date approached, the people in your life watch you like a hawk.
A friend called last Friday, and I didn't get around to calling her back because I was busy and/or exhausted, and on Saturday night she called and left messages for my husband and me, convinced I was in labor.
Yesterday, another friend saw that I'd called, and called back without listening to my message, screaming, "Are you in labor?!?"
A coworker just emailed me that she is watching my facebook page, waiting for an update.
If we don't call my husband's parents back right away, I know his mom will not sleep; she'll be up all night, thinking I'm having the baby, or that something is horribly wrong.

You really start to get a sense that you are stressing people out. It's kind of funny, because my reality is completely different. I feel days and days away from birth, so people's high-strung energy always takes me by surprise. I thought I was the high-strung one in most of these relationships! People sure do get crazy for babies, don't they? I feel like there is mass hysteria around me. Meanwhile, I feel completely normal.

Mental note to self for future: Do not pounce on a pregnant lady every time she calls. Assume she will tell you if she is in labor or if she has just had the baby.

Alright, I'm off to get a pre-labor pedicure, because I certainly cannot reach my own toes with this belly. I tried it yesterday and it did not work out well.


Julie said...

Sorry - I texted you like 3 times and then facebooked :) I am just SO excited for you!

CT Mom said...

Oh yes, the baby watch. We were on it when my sister was 10 days late and also doing a home birth. Every time the phone rang I jumped!

I'm looking at your facebook status, too, and figured you'll let us know when there's something to tell.

And the baby watch continues ...

Amy said...

If you would just convince him to come out...

Every time the phone rings, just before I see the caller ID, I think: "Oh, maybe it's Kristine!"

Usually it's Mom.

Come on, Baby!

Dr Horder said...

I want you to have the baby so in two weeks I have someone to walk around Cove with. You'll probably want to jog, but I'm walking, sister!

Anonymous said...

So true... you haven't posted in quite a few days... are you in labor NOW!?!

I'll be calling! ;)