Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battle of the Skimmed Milks

Give them an inch, and they buy 2 percent milk.

I, like any figure-conscious woman, drink skim. Duh. My health-clueless husband thinks he's fit enough to drink full fat milk. Uh... yeah. Since I do most of the shopping, I graciously began buying 1 % rather than skim for our cereal; I am not an unreasonable woman. Well, I guess I sent the wrong message with that. Now, my husband thinks he's too good for one percent.

Yesterday I bought milk because I figured we were almost out; turns out he did, too. This morning, I debated using the already-opened 2 % or... nope.  I opened another completely full bottle of milk-- the 1%--, just to spite him.

Don't buy me 2 % freakin' milk. That's the message I wanted to send.

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Manager Mom said...

I have this weird thing where I get all freaked out if they don't use Skim in my coffee. I can actually taste the difference now between skim and full fat milk.Cream? Forget it.

I have been known to drive ALL THE WAY back to Dunkin Donuts upon discovery that they put cream in my coffee.