Saturday, June 7, 2008


That's all you need to know. O-freakin-bama! This political season, I am going to be wearing Obama t-shirts incessantly and reminding people to get out and vote. Now that Hillary is out, I like her so much better!

If you are a Republican and you are reading this, I respect your views, but I urge you just to vote for Obama, OK? Just do it. Let's get someone interesting in the White House. I think Obama has a secret streak of Republican in him, so just... just vote for him this year. Trust me.

Maybe I will finally read Obama's other book, Audacity of Hope. It's almost too good to be true that Obama is in, but I think I'm ready to start letting myself believe it. I've been wanthing this so badly ever since I read Obama's memoir. I was going to be too disappointed if Hillary got in, so I didn't invest myself in the news coverage, and in fact, threw tantrums when my husband watched primary results. Now, I am ready to start campaigning and set myself up for devastation if McCain wins.

Do you think it would help if I campaigned for Obama, or is that just something we do to feel useful? Is there anything I can do to help Obama win? I'm scared to get invested because if McCain wins, it's going to hit me hard.

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