Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Pregnancy Stories: I Amuse Myself

1. Me to ladies at fancy maternity store: "Yeah, only one of the 3 pairs of jeans I bought here really fits perfectly, so I pretty much wear them every day."
Lady: "Oh! Do you want us to order you another pair of the same one?"
Me: "Oh, god no. I just wear them dirty. It's no biggie."
Looks of horror of both ladies' faces.
Me, trying to make her feel better: "I mean, I alternate them every other day."

It's sort of true, I don't usually wear them to work two days in a row. Only if I'm really lazy, or, if on the previous day, I wore a longer shirt that hid the identifying pockets. I do put them on almost every day, though. Even if I don't wear them to work, I'll wear them out to dinner. They are so comfy and, unlike the other 2 pairs I bought, actually stay up. This is the only full body shot I have of my fave jeans; I'm putting my hair in a pony tail here. 

2. My new favorite song, David Archuleta's "Crush," came on our radio in the living room.
Me to husband: "Dance with me."
Husband runs away.
Me: Fine. I'll just dance with the other man in my life.
I dance around holding my stomach.

Click here to see the video on youtube. Actually, I recommend not watching the teeny bopper video. Just listen to the music. The video imagery is cheesy and nauseating; my husband says the actual song is cheesy, generic and overproduced, but I like it.


Dr Horder said...

I was just telling my husband (after crying in the dressing room) yesterday that I an really tired of maternity stores and maternity clothes. I also have one pair of jeans that I really like and I wear them until they can walk to the washing machine all by their self. But, everything in the store makes me look like a 5 year old girl or a giant giftwrapped package. I also don't care to ever see anything else in black and gray for as long as I live.

Fancy Pancakes said...

You weren't shopping with your HUSBAND were you?!? That must be why you cried. :)
I've only brought him with me once, bc I take HOURS to try on clothes bc I have to see myself in them a lot, then decide which ones are worth the money. The one time I brought him, he took a long walk in Westport to entertain himself.
If you ever want a shopping buddy, I'll go with you to Destination Maternity in Westport. My fave store bc it has medium and low-price (I've only bought one of the Pea in the Pod things- a coat- bc it was my mom and dad's xmas present to me!)
Oh I also like GAP maternity. Terrible selection, but I got a great sweatshirt- many compliments and people saying they'd wear it if it weren't maternity- and the comfy matching pants that I wear all the time. Very roomy.
I also wear my Target tops ALL THE TIME. I buy cheaper tops and pretty much rotate my 2 expensive maternity jeans and one $30 pair of black pants from Motherhood!
I sorta feel like I'm almost set for clothes... might end up getting another pair of jeans if I want to treat myself, and might need a couple more tops for fun... or if I get a lot bigger in the next two months!
But all this is to say, if you need a shopping buddy, I'll go with you to all these stores!

Dr Horder said...

Cool. Yes, I was with him. He is pretty patient and this Destination Maternity in White Plains had a big area with leather couches and a TV so he was all set.

I order a lot from Gap maternity and Old Navy altho' even tho' they are sorta the same store, the sizes are screwy. Needless to say I return a lot. I have actually been buying a lot of stuff on ebay. That is where I got my favorite jeans.

Work is the biggest problem because I have to dress up. On my own time I live in jeans and yoga pants. I only have 9 or so weeks left. I almost feel guilty buying anything now. I luck out on Kohl's sometimes with Daisy Fuentes. It's not maternity but it's all empire waist roomy stuff.