Friday, December 19, 2008

Thoughts on My Other Blog

1. That I love posting about my husband. He is such a funny person, but so much more private and reserved than me, so I am always so gleeful when I mention him on a site that over 200 people read every day. For example, in today's post, I mention that he implied I burned down his favorite restaurant.

2. That it makes me tougher. My readers tend to be really positive (I have no idea why I get that lucky- I think I just happen to have cool readers), but occasionally, someone will say something rude. For example, the other day someone called me a sellout for considering buying a Mercedes crossover wagon (used!!! it's used!!! OK!!!). For an instant, I felt bad, then that was washed away by a "Whatever." Followed by "It's kind of funny to be called a sellout." I mean, to receive attention of any sort is pretty flattering!
Also, I like that other people have opinions.  I love expressing my opinions, and people read me because I have strong opinions. Why shouldn't they express theirs?

3. That I'm born to blog. I have a constant stream of words in my head. I'm always thinking, talking to myself in my head, thinking about what I'm doing and seeing and what I can do with that info. I've always done that, at least since college, and probably before.  I used to put all that in my journal, and it rarely ended up turning into any sort of writing piece. I would not call most of my blog post "pieces," but I've turned a couple posts into columns for a local paper, and I do think a few of my posts are well written. Now I only journal to get my feelings out. I miss journalling a little, but I tell my husband most of what I think, so I need my journal less now. Before the husband and blog, I had a LOT of thoughts floating around that I needed to capture and put into a semblance of order.

I could think of a lot more, but it's 3 am, and I should get back to bed because I am not really sure school will actually be cancelled tomorrow due to snow. Cough woke me up, plus, when I go to bed before 10, I tend not to sleep through I've been up since 12:30 or so, blogging, reading my google reader, etc.


Julie said...

So did you get it? The wagon? The mommy-mobile :)

Fancy Pancakes said...

I did! As soon as you feel OK, we have to take a drive around town! It rides like a cloud, in a good way.

Mr. Z said...

I was rather amazed at some of the comments on the blog about your decision to move from the Civic to the (used) Mercedes. I guess, as they say, some people like to lash out behind the anonymity of the Internet.

Of course, I don't have that luxury. Damn me and my desire to have fun and interesting friends...

Fancy Pancakes said...

I didn't think reactions were too negative (or am I just thick-skinned?).
My dad said, "I was surprised you didn't get more flack on that post, for considering that kind of big car." I said, "Well, I really do think I have cool readers."
I later realized, after I googled the name of a reader or two, that some of my readers are lawyers and hedge fund managers. A used Mercedes might not sound like the most extravagant thing to someone who sails, works in Greenwich, etc. :)
And there really are a lot of people in this area who own huge cars, so, you know, glass houses...

Thanks the the compliment at the end of the post Mr. Z. You could always post as anonymous though if you have something mean to say!!!