Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom Club and Beyond: I'm a Joiner

Life with Baby Q is insanely fantastic.
I'm totally into breastfeeding and want to join La Leche League. Actually, I want to join every possible group I can. I've felt left out of the general Mom Club for a while, so now that I am a mom, I want to join every club to which I've been denied entry for years:
La Leche League
Attachment Parenting Meetup Group (had to learn what that was before I could join)
Local Hospital's Moms group
Stroller Strides
Baby Massage Class
Mommy and Me Yoga
Music Together
I mean, you name something, and if it exists around here, I'm gonna join it.

OK, we're gonna go try the sling to see if I can maybe get like, one thing accomplished around the house.

This is a picture of me and Q cuddling in bed. I thought he was awake, so I got him out of his bassinet to cuddle a little before I got up to change and feed him, but he went back to sleep so I just twittered on my iPhone until he woke up. Our bed is way too cushy to safely co-sleep, so I take my baby cuddling when I can.

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Amy said...

So, about my plan to have you guys move to California...