Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's Have an Egg Fight: SAHM vs WOHM

I know there is no such thing as SAHM vs. WOHM. But that was in the media in October (on Dr. Phil, and some lady said that if people didn't want to stay home with their kids, they shouldn't have them- “I wouldn’t outsource loving my husband, why would I outsource loving my kids?” and "“If a woman is so selfish she can’t stay at home with her kids, then maybe she just shouldn’t have them!”). I didn't really understand the whole debate, other than that each group thinks they have it harder than the other, so whatever. And, that some people think they're so great that they are qualified to judge the choices of others. Most people thought Dr. Phil was making an argument out of nothing, and I agree. Everyone makes their own life. If you're happy with your situation, you shouldn't be mad at strangers. (See this article from Dr. Phil's site.)

Husband: "Can you get that strap away from him?'
Me: "No- that's giving me at least ten free seconds."
(That exchange just happened- about the baby, obviously.)

But I was thinking, that for one of my first FC Mom vlogs (video blogs), we'd spoof that stupid debate by having an egg fight between the WOHMs and SAHMs that I know. Each team wears a certain color. Before the fight, we have a cocktail party and mingle, getting to know each other (oh, and the babies are invited too, husbands, I guess so). Then, we go into my backyard, and we fight! Or, we have an egg toss. Whichever team wins, they're the best.

Then after that we go back inside, keep drinking, and the men take care of the babies.

(If anyone wants to steal my idea, that's fine, because I'll probably never get around to making the video.)

Please also visit Annie at PhD in Parenting to read her response to the Dr. Phil show.

The image above is a Japanese postcard used in France in 1904. You can buy it for 100 bucks at It is an image of "Russo-Japanese War Throwing Eggs." Ya got me.