Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vlog: Am I Camera Ready?

I've had the idea for a few months to do video for FC Mom, but I was going to do it in talk show format. You know, invite my kooky* friends by for interviews. (Oooh, my friend Sam would make an AWESOME pregnancy interview. She should really host her own show, she's so fun.) I think I'd be a very good moderator because of my teaching experience and general willingness to boss around other adults. Maybe that could be one of my New Year's resolutions- to do more video. I have cute, tiny flip cam that's easy to use and relatively easy to edit.

My Twitter friend Sarah at just did her first vlog yesterday. I'm really proud of her for taking the plunge. It's making me want to try it too. Sarah's sweet and sincere personality is obvious in the video, and I love her Wisconsin-ish accent. (OK turns out she lives in Illinois.)

Vlogs are tough. The best ones, I believe, are pretty short. Daphne at has it down pat... then again, she's a comedian and talk show host for TV Guide who speaks on camera for a living. That's my goal- to be as funny and smooth as Daphne- she's also sincere, like Sarah, but I visit Daphne chiefly for her humor and outgoing personality. She makes me feel happy. Also, I like knowing that a working mom can still be gorgeous and funny and frazzled and... her son is about the same age as mine, so it's fun to see what he's doing.

I tried to follow a local vlog by a guy, and it was SO BORING. The thing with a vlog, is that it can't just be the same stuff you'd write. It has to offer something extra. Whether it's a pretty face, a nice voice, great facial expressions and tone... if you are boring, and can't smile and laugh, stick to writing.

About vlogs being short- even those Momversation videos, which I like, and which Daphne participates in, can get a little long. Those are basically vlogs by several mom bloggers on a topic, spliced together, often as a "she said-she said" style. The ad before the Momversation takes a few seconds, which is annoying, then the cute graphics take a couple seconds- I don't have the patience for that. I'll take Sarah and Daphne's right to the point style, no cartoon graphics needed. (That said, if Momversation were to invite me for a v-visit? I'd accept! But they're probably not going to invite me, which is why I want to host my own show. Yes. That's my New Year's Resolution. FC Mom video. Oh God- I just had a really, really good idea for a spoof on "SAHM vs WOHM." Which is a crap non-debate, which is why I want to spoof it. I'm both a SAHM and a WOHM, sorta. Altho I think I say that just because I like to join ALL the clubs that I can.)

Anyway, a hearty pat on the back to ANYONE who dares vlog!

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Danielle said...

I have been thinking about making a VLOG for a while, I just hate myself on Camera, and 9 times out of 10 when I have time to blog, I am in my PJ's and unshowered... Oh the life of a SAHM!