Sunday, November 29, 2009

Babies are a Lotta Damn Work!!!!!

Man, having a kid is a lot of work, especially when they aren't feeling well. Even a simple cold can throw off their sleep, which throws off your sleep, then of course, you catch their cold... and feel like crap, then feel bad for not appreciating just how crappy the kid has been feeling the past few days.

It's too bad babies can't
a) tell you how they're feeling (do your ears hurt? Or are you just tired and that's why you're grabbing your ears?)
b) blow their own damn noses. Kids hate you wiping their nose. "Well, OK, should I get out the snot sucker then?"

And then of course it's just weird being a parent. What, I'm not a kid any more? I have to responsible, and take second seat to this new person I've brought into the world? It's weird transitioning to that new place in life. I'd say, "It's hard," but it's not, because you have NO other option but to do so, to take care of your kid the best you can. In a way it's easy, because your focus is so clear.

The baby is getting smarter by the second. He'll stand, on his own, without fanfare, with us hardly noticing. He can place the ball in the hole, the BOP it through with his hand like I've shown him. He can offer me a teether to put in my mouth, then rip it away, then offer it again, and rip it away while smiling. I mean, this is the past week that he can do this cause and effect stuff. It's pretty cool.

(In this pic, we don't use the hammer. We bop it through with our fists, or I go, "Chop chop chop!" and karate chop it through, which he finds hysterical.)

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