Monday, November 30, 2009

Nosefrida Baby Aspirator: So Gross, So Good

It's so gross when your baby has a cold. To hear all that snot stuck in his nose, especially while he's eating/drinking, is YUCK. Guess who is responsible for getting that snot out so the kid can sleep? Mom and Dad. Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaat.

Way before Q was born, my friend D gave us this snotsucker called the Nosefrida. D is a doctor, so if she gives you something medical-ish, you take notice. When Q got his first cold in September, we used the Nosefrida with OK results. He hated it, and the snot was crusty and hard to get out. We really suffered that week. Well, I did, because after he was better, I had gotten the cold, and I was exhausted at that point. I had to call in reinforcements: my mom.

Q has a cold now, and the snot is runnier, so the Nosefrida was a smashing success last night. The Nosefrida is way gentler than a bulb aspirator because you use your own lung power to pull out the snot. There's a filter between you and the snot, and the snot collector tube is huge anyway, so there is no way you'll get your kid's snot in your mouth. (And if you DO, it must be a really horrifying cold to fill up that snot tube, so as a parent, it's your JOB to get snot in your mouth if it makes your kid's life better. I say this having been thrown up and diarrhea-d on a couple dozen times. Snot, no biggie. Disgusting, yes, biggie, no.)

Anyway, Q's Dad and I have gotten better at a) getting saline in his nose to loosen up the snot and b) holding him still to do stuff to him. While he was royally PO'd that we sucked his snot last night, it was quite a feeling of accomplishment- and nausea- to see his snot in the tube. "It's so gross, I want to puke!" I said as I rushed to the bathroom to rinse out the snot.

I highly recommend the Nosefrida, as gross as it is. It's one tool to have in your arsenal for the crappy times of dealing with a sick baby. You can buy at Whole Foods, or buy and read reviews online at amazon.

Oh, and of course, now I have the cold. It's nowhere near as bad as last time though- no runny/stuffy nose to prevent sleep, just sore ears and crappy feeling.


Kaisa said...

Thanks for your review! We are a small Mom-company so we always appreciate when Nosefrida gets some attention.
We have posted your blog on our Facebook Fan Page "Nosefrida The Snotsucker". Thanks again!

The H Family said...

If you tell me that C was using his lung power to suck up snot, I am going to die laughing. The fact that he had any part in it...oh how a baby can change a man...