Friday, December 4, 2009

Escapism: Beautiful Baby Rooms

One of my favorite baby design blogs is Ohdeedoh by Apartment Therapy. They feature beautifully designed baby rooms that can give you some great ideas for your own nursery. I designed my nursery around some orange striped sheets from Giggle and a cool poster with orange and purple in it, but if I have a girl baby, I'm going to base it on the sheets I saw in this room:

That yellow is awesome! I see online that people are saying the bedding is rough, so maybe I won't get that bedding, but I WILL have that yellow, because it goes with the light blue paint we already have in the baby's room... not that I'm still hoping we'll be in this rental when we have our next baby, but...

Anyway, hit the Ohdeedoh site when you need inspiration! They feature lots of furniture, products, and crafts to make the crap that comes with having a baby not quite so ugly.

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